Frost Bite


What is Frost Bite?

Frost Bite is due to exposure to cold, especially if accompanied by wind or high altitudes (eg climbers and explorers). It is also encountered in the elderly and chronic alcoholics during exposure to cold weather.

There is damage to the blood vessel walls which is followed by swelling and edema of the local area.

Clinical Features of Frost Bite

1. Severe burning sensation and pain.
2. Waxy appearance of the affected area.
3. Blistering.
4. Gangrene follows.

Management of Frost Bite

1. Frostbitten areas must be warmed very gradually. Any temperature higher than body temperature is detrimental.
2. Part should be wrapped in cotton wool.
3. Part to be at complete rest.
4. No friction e.g. rubbing snow, oil, etc.
5. Warm drinks and clothing.
6. Analgecis
7. Immediate tranfer to a hostital.

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