Buegers Disease – Buegers Disease Symptom, Treatment, Cause


What is Buegers?

Buegers Disease condition is an inflammation of small and medium-sized arteries of the legs. Clot formation and blockage occur.

Buegers Disease Precipitating Causes

1. Young adult males 20-40 years of age.
2. Smoking.

Clinical Features of Buegers Disease

1. A superficial migratory nodular infected clot.
2. Nodules are well localised, associated with redness of the skin tender to touch.
3. Pain in the legs especially the instep. Pain disappears with rest.
4. Absent foot pulses.

Management of Buegers Disease

1. Stop smoking.
2. Exercises.
3. Low fat diet.
4. Weight reduction
5. Consult a doctor.

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