Nerve Pain


What is Nerve Pain?

It is described as pain in the part of an area or the whole area supplied by a nerve without any physical changes.

Types of Neuralgia

1. Trigeminal Neuralgia-Usually affects one side of the face. There is severe pain, burning or cutting in nature, maybe continuous or intermittent and may be provoked by eating or exposure to cold. The eye on the affected side is red and watery. Pain affects sleep and normal functioning. The condition may be due to Herpes Zoster, multiple sclerosis or unknown.

2. Intercostal Neuralgia-Usually caused by Herpes Zoster. The pain is along the area of the affected intercostal nerves of the chest wall. The pain is intense and is night. It is more common in elderly individuals.


1. Pain killers.
2. Local heat.
3. Local anti-inflammatory ointments.
4. Sedatives.
5. Consult a doctor.

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