Raynaud’s Disease – Raynaud’s Disease Symptom, Treatment, Cause


What is Raynaud Disease?

Raynauds Disease is a disorder of the circulation, in which there is periodic interruption of blood supply to the periphery due to spasm of the small arteries of the fingers, toes and nose.

Causes of Raynauds Disease

1. Smoking.
2. Sensitivity to GPld.
3. Drugs.

Clinical Features of Raynauds Disease

1. Young women below the age of 40.
2. Pale, numb, cold toes, ears and fingers.
3. Cyanosis of affected parts due to iack of oxygen.
4. Pain.

Management of Raynauds Disease

1. Stop smoking.
2. Reassurance.
3. Consult a doctor.

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