What is Sciatica?

The sciatica nerve is derived from the fourth and fifth lumbar as well as the first and second sacral nerve roots. It provides nerve supply to the lower limbs.

This nerve is commonly injured in the fracture of the pelvis or femur, in knife stab wounds and gunshot wounds of the buttock and thigh. It may also be involved by pelvic tumors and in diabetes. A ruptured lumbar disk often stimulates sciatic neuropathy also known as sciatica.

Clinical Features

1. Pain along with the distribution of the nerve radiating from the buttock to the foot.
2. Pain involves one or both legs on standing or walking and is relieved by squatting or lying down.
3. Tingling and numbness may be felt in the affected area of the lower limbs.
4. Weakness of the muscles served by the nerve.


1. Bed rest.
2. Pain killers.
3. Local heat in the back.
4. Consult a doctor.

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