Pneumonia – Viral, Bacterial Pneumonia Sign, Symptom, Cause, Treatment


Pneumonia is defined as an acute inflammation of the lung tissue.

Causes of Pneumonia

Infection is caused by bacteria, virus and fungi. Organisms reach the lung by :

1. Inhalation from the air
2. Aspiration of organism from the nose or mouth.
3. Blood spread from a distance source of infection.
4. Direct spread from a near site of infection or penetrating injury.

Clinical Features of Pneumonia

1. Cough, fever, chills and rigors.
2. Chest pain, dyspnea.
3. Production of sputum, which may be mucoid, mixed with pus or blood.
4. Cyanosis.
5. Drowsiness, confusion, disorientation.

Management of Pneumonia

1. Prop the patient up.
2. Cough expectorants.
3. Seek immediate medical attention.
4. Antibiotics form the mainstay of therapy.

Prevention of Pneumonia

1. Dress warmly in cold weather.
2. Avoid iced drinks.
3. People with a tendency to recurrent chest colds must give up smoking.
4. Do physical exercises daily.

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