Eye Stye Treatment – Causes, Symptoms And How To Treat Stye by home remedies


What is Eye Stye?

Eye Stye is a bacteria-infected localised inflammation of the upper or lower eyelid which have Zeis glands that produce a secretion to keep the area moist and soft. Eye stye occurs when staphylococcal bacteria infect one of the tiny glands at the base of the eyelid hairs and then becomes inflamed. An infection bacterium is frequently transferred from one hair shaft to another when rubbing it to relieve itching. Styes usually develop and then come to a head in three to seven days, then burst and heal on their own, in most cases. They will fill with pus then burst spontaneously.

Clinical Features of Eye Stye

1. In the early stages the affected glands become swollen, hard and painful.
2. The edge of the eyelid becomes swollen and red.
3. Abscess formation, which has a point.
4. Pain is considerable.

Symptoms of eye stye

  • redness of the eyelid itself
  • blurred vision of the affected eye
  • swelling of the eyelid
  • Tearing of the eye
  • Discomfort when blinking
  • Sensitivity to light
  • pain in the eye or eyelid, especially when blinking or to the touch

Management of Eye Stye

1. Hot compression.
2. Abscess incision in a clinic.
3. Antibiotic ointment.

Eye stye Treatment – Effective Home Remedies

  • The hot compress should be applied to the affected eye three or four times a day.
  • Styes can be treated at home by applying a very warm, wet, clean washcloth to the tender area
  • Keep the eyelids clean and oil-free.
  • Application of prescribed antibiotic drops may also be used to help fight the infection
  • Surgical drainage of the stye may also be necessary if the stye is not responding to treatment
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