Stroke Disease Information


What is Stroke?

A stroke is a half sided paralysis occurs that results from a certain area of brain damage due to interruption of blood supply.

Interruption of blood supply to the brain may be due to a thrombus (step wise development
of paralysis – 75% cases), Hemorrhage (explosive onset of paralysis – 25% cases), Embolus
(bolt from the blue-rare).

The brain consumes oxygen at the rate of 3.5 ml per 100 gm and glucose at the rate of 5mg
; per100 gm. Any disruption in this supply leads to brain damage. For years, strokes have been subdivided pathologically into infarcts (thrombotic or embolic) and hemorrhages, and clinical criteria for distinguishing between these possibilities have been emphasized. However, it is often difficult to determine on clinical grounds the pathologic basis for stroke

Symptoms and Signs of Stroke

The symptoms of Stroke vary markedly among patients; however, the symptoms in a given individual tend to be constant in type. Onset is abrupt and without warning, and recovery usually occurs rapidly, often within a few minutes.

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