What is Acne?

ACNE is a self-limited disorder primarily of adolescents and teenagers. During this age excess sebum is released by the sweat glands (oil-secreting glands) which get blocked resulting in obstruction and infection by bacteria. Acne is a Skin disease that causes painful social and psychological effects on sufferers. Many people feel that acne has changed their lives. Some feel it has ruined it. At the very least, they feel they have become different people because of this Skin disease (acne), or they have missed chances or let opportunities slip away because of the way they’ve felt about themselves and the way they look.

Clinical Features of Acne

1. Blackheads on the forehead, cheeks, upper back, and shoulders.
2. Whiteheads are the glands affected by bacteria. Surrounding skin may be inflamed.

Management of Acne

1. Skin to be washed carefully and dried.
2. Avoid squeezing out the whiteheads and blackheads as this leads to scarring.
3. Consult a doctor for drugs for acne.

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