Chronic Bronchitis


What is Chronic Bronchitis?

This condition is seen mostly in cold, wet, polluted environments. It is associated with excessive tracheobronchial mucous production sufficient to cause cough with expectoration for 3 months a year for more than two consecutive years. Chronic bronchitis is associated with hypertrophy of mucous-producing glands found in the airway.


1. Air pollution
2. Smoking
3. Occupation in cotton mills, plastic plants.
4. Infected with bacteria, viruses.

Clinical features

1. Mild breathlessness.
2. Copious purulent sputum with cough.
3. Repeated respiratory attacks.

Management and Prevention

1. Cease smoking.
2. Shift out of polluting environment.
3. Change jobs.
4. Change in lifestyle.
5. Cough suppressants

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