Vaginal Itching


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What is Vaginal Itching?

In women, vaginal itching is a common condition, which occurs particularly in hot humid weather where undue sweating occurs. In India, where women are clad in extremely loose-fitting clothes like the sari, the salwar kameez, vaginal and groin itching is rare. However, as more of the younger generation give up traditional clothing for extremely tight hip-hugging jeans, vaginal itching is getting to be a common ailment, especially amongst college-going women.

With the perineum covered in underwear and tight jeans in hot humid weather, there can be only one result-excessive sweating, chafing of the skin, and infection by bacteria and fungi.

Vaginal itching may also occur in women approaching menopause. There will be accompanying
dryness, thinning, and tenderness of vaginal tissues.


1. Consult a doctor for hormonal replacement and anti-fungal treatment.
2. Good perineal hygiene. Keep genitals dry.
3. Use of practical loose-fitting clothing.
4. A good low carbohydrate diet.
5. Clothes should be laundered in hot water separate from the rest of the household.
6. Avoid using other people’s clothing and towels.

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