What is Gonorrhoea?

GONORRHOEA (CLAP) is one of the most common communicable diseases. The concerned bacteria directly act within the urethra, rectum, and pharynx. Gonorrhoea is spread by sexual intercourse with sex workers. It can affect young adults of both sexes.

Clinical Features in Males of Gonorrhoea

1. Acute inflammation of the urethra (urethritis).
2. Purulent yellow discharge from the urethra.
3. Painful urination, frequent urination.
4. Inguinal lymph glands enlargement.

Clinical Features in Females of Gonorrhoea

1. Painful urination, frequent urination.
2. Vaginal discharge.
3. Abnormal menstrual bleeding.
4. Ano-rectal discomfort.
In untreated females, the infection spreads to the womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Infertility results.

Management of Gonorrhoea

Patients must consult a physician immediately.

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