Cerebral Infection


What is Cerebral Infection?

The average affected individual is middle-aged or elderly. The onset is slow and progressive (stroke in evolution). A bruit may be felt in one carotid artery in the neck indicating the area of narrowing by a thrombus. Hypertension may be present.

The patient will not be unconscious. Generally, only one area supplied by a major artery to the brain is affected. Convulsions are rare. Neck stiffness is absent.

Speech is affected. There is a loss of control over the movement of one-half of the body. Recovery is slow.

Risk Factors in Stroke

1. Elderly age.

2. Physically unfit.

3. Obese.

4. Smoker

5. Alcohol abuse.


1. Admit to the hospital immediately.

2. Post hospitalisation, physiotherapy and occupational therapy is essential

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