Brain Abscess


What is Brain Abscess?

Brain abscess is linked to chronic ear, sinus or lung infections as well as contaminated penetrating wounds or post-operative surgery. The source of infection can also come from skin infections, bone, teeth or the heart.

An abscess can occur anywhere in the brain. Sometimes fungi and parasites can also cause abscesses.

Local inflammatory necrosis, edema and septic thrombosis of vessels represent an early bacterial invasion of the brain. This is followed by encapsulation of the liquified brain and accumulated pus. Brain coma associated with the abscess and products of bacterial metabolism results in raised intracranial pressures.

Clinical Features

1. Headache.
2. Nausea and vomiting.
3. Convulsions.
4. Drowsiness, slowness of mentation.
S. Neck stiffness.
6. Fever.
7. Altered consciousness, lethargy, irritability, confusion and coma.
8. Half-sided paralysis may occur.


Intense hospital treatment for 6-8 weeks and/or surgical intervention.

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