Esophagitis – eosinophilic, erosive, reflux, barretts esophagitis symptom treatment info


What is Esophagitis?

Esophagitis condition consists of damage to the mucous membrane as a result of reflux of stomach contents into the food pipe due to a weak lower esophageal sphincter.

Causes of Esophagitis

1. Post meals when stomach volume is increased.
2. Pyloric obstruction.
3. Excess acid secretion.
4. Increase in stomach pressure e.g. Obesity, pregnancy, use of girdles, and tight belts.

Clinical Features of Esophagitis

1. Heartburn
2. Difficulty in swallowing.
3. Bleeding may occur.

Management of Esophagitis

1. Avoid hot spicy food.
2. Antacids.
3. Reduce weight.
4. Sleep with head raised.
5. Avoid smoking, alcohol, chocolates, coffee, citrus fruits, and juices.

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