Diverticulosis – Diverticulosis diet, symptom, treatment, cause


What is Diverticulosis?

Diverticulosis is a disease where small pouches like herniations are formed through the entire thickness of the intestinal wall. This condition may be present anywhere in the digestive tract from the duodenum to the colon. The cause may be congenital or acquired. It is generally without any symptoms and signs till such time food particles are not trapped within the diverticular followed by inflammation around the area. Such a condition is known as Diverticulitis.

Clinical Features of Diverticulosis

1. Generally adults.
2. Fever.
3. Low abdominal pain made worse by defecation and signs of peritoneal inflammation such as muscle spasm, guarding, and tenderness.

Management of Diverticulosis

1. High fibre diet e.g. green leafy vegetables.
2. Consult a doctor.

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