Acute Peritonitis


What is Acute Peritonitis?

Acute Peritonitis is a localised or generalised inflammatory process of the peritoneum. The peritoneum is a membrane that lines the abdominal wall.

Due to various reasons like intestinal obstruction or rupture of the intestine, the peritoneum gets contaminated by stale decomposed intestinal material which is infected.

Causes of Acute Peritonitis

l.Penetrating knife and gunshot injuries.
2.Perforated digestive system.
3.Intestinal obstruction.
5.Strangulated hernias.
6.Ectopic pregnancy, abortions.
7.Infection following abdominal surgery.

Clinical Features of Acute Peritonitis

1.Increased abdominal pain, distention.
2.Nausea and vomiting.
3.Inability to pass feces and flatus.
4.Fever, hypertension, increased heart rate, thirst.
5.Low urine production.
6.Abdomen distended and tight, tenderness is present, rigidity. Peristalsis disappears as
the condition progresses.

Management of Acute Peritonitis

Intensive therapy and surgery in a hospital.

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