Anemia – Anemia Disease Symptom, Treatment, Cause


What is Anemia?

Anemia condition arises when the supply of iron to the bone marrow falls short of that required for the production of red cells (RBCs) and with that, a decrease in the ability of the blood to, carry oxygen to the periphery.

Causes of Anemia

1. Increased requirements of Iron.

a. During infancy, adolescence.
b. Pregnancy.

2. Inadequate intake of Iron.

a. Modern-day junk food.
b. Diets low in protein.
c. Elderly individuals.

3. Decreased absorption.

a. Surgical removal of part of the stomach or total stomach.
b. Chronic diarrhea.
c. Malabsorption syndrome.

4. Blood Loss

a. Women in childbearing age group.
b. Hookworm infection.
c. Peptic ulcer.
d. Piles.
e. Cancers.

Clinical Features of Anemia

1. Patients may be asymptomatic.
2. Weakness, fatigue, listlessness, pallor.
3. Palpitation.
4. Nails are dry, brittle, and ridged.
5. Excessive menstrual blood flow.

Management of Anemia

1. Replace Iron.
2. Nutritious protein diet.
3. Start performing exercises in the house.
4. Consult a doctor.

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