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Preventing Vision Loss


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Vision loss or visual loss is the deficiency of vision where it existed before, which can occur either acutely (i.e. abruptly) or chronically (i.e. over a long period of time). Vision loss between the elderly is a main health care difficulty. Just about one person in three has several appearance of vision-reducing eye disease by the age of 65. The most frequent causes of vision loss between the elderly are age-related macular deterioration, cataract and diabetic retinopathy. Because this form may initially be asymptomatic, usual screening examinations are suggested for elderly patients.

Rarely, complete or partial loss of vision occurs provisionally. This brief loss of vision can be caused by a fleeting ischemic attack (every so often called a mini stroke). Smaller, rough patches of vision may be lost due to disorders that damage the retina, such as diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, and retinal indifference. A right and appropriate nutritional ingestion can help many of us to prevent unnecessary age-related eye infections. Depending on the cause, however, there may be no efficient treatment.

Tips and Advise for Preventing Vision Loss

  • Eat diet that is rich in vitamin A, minerals and zinc. It prevents vision loss.
  • Wear defensive goggles and hats at any time you step out in sun.
  • Don't employ any eye drops devoid of consulting your eye specialist.
  • Follow your eye care specialist's instructions for taking suggested medications.
  • Keep away from watching TV for longer hours on a daily basis.