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Hair loss has been a normal disorder that has been experienced by all sorts of people all through the planet. The disease is associated with so many factors. Some of these factors are genetic, some are hormonal, and some are general, while others are nutritional. Hair loss is a condition that can be controlled as well as treated.

In most cases hair loss is attributed to genetic factors, especially in men. Men are known to experience genetic hair loss. One of the commonest genetic hair losses is pattern baldness. Baldness major treatment options are drug therapy. Drug therapy is used in managing baldness both in men and women. This means that drug therapy does not eliminate the possibility of baldness advancing to severity stages, but just reducing its effects.

Doctors and researchers have been over the years studying the role of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. The conclusive understanding of this hormone has driven doctors and researchers to come up with medications meant to reduce the effects of this hormone. The main effect of DHT is experienced when the hormone acts on the androgen receptors. With effective management of DHT levels, baldness can be effectively controlled but not cured.

The second basic and effective hair loss treatment involves natural hair loss treatments. The very first natural hair loss treatment is a healthy diet. Most of the canned and processed foods are usually deficient of the necessary nutrients required for the promotion of hair growth. For instance, the western world is known to be prone to hair loss cases, both in men and women. This is mainly due to the types of dietary people engage in in such places.

Here is a list of healthy strong hair foods: Chickpeas, chickpeas are rich in zinc and vitamin B6. Basically, chickpeas are instrumental in the development of hair protein. Deficiency of zinc may lead to gradually hair loss; Roast beef, is enriched with zinc and essential minerals; Soybeans, they are rich in iron and vitamin E, ideally, vitamin E is known to promote blood flow to the scalp promoting hair growth; Whole wheat, this food is rich in silica and iron, silica is essential for nutrients absorption; orange fruits, this juice is rich in vitamin C which is essential in iron absorption; fish dish, this meal is essential in management of healthy hair.

Another hair loss treatment that is preferred for most cases is over the counter medication. Most of these medications have been clinically proven. Statistics show that over ninety percent of individuals who have used these sorts of medications have significantly experienced effective hair growth. Moreover, most of the people who have used the drugs have experienced reduced itching and flacking of the scalp.

Herbal hair loss treatments have also proven to be very effective in treating and managing hair loss. Some of the most recognized herbal hair loss medications consist of: Chinese herb Foti for hair loss; Ginseng for hair loss; Gotu Kola for hair loss; Green tea for hair loss and so on.