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Insect Stings


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When an insect, such as a bee, a wasp or a hornet, stings it Injects a tiny amount on venom beneath the skin, causing localized swelling and redness, Although painful, insect stings are rarely serious and the symptoms will begin to sub side after 3-4 hours. However, stings can be dangerous, even fatal, if the individual is allergic to the venom or if he or she has suffered f!1ultiple stings. In this case it is essential that the victim receives medical attention immediately.

Insect stings

1. Only honey bees will actually leave their sting embedded in the skin. If the sting is visible then carefully remove it with tweezers. Do not squeeze the sting as this will release more venom.

2. Wash the sting site with soap and water and apply ice wrapped in cloth or a cold compress to the area for up to 30 minutes to reduce the swelling.

Allergic reaction to an insect sting

1. Swelling around the face or on other parts of the body.

2. Difficulty with breathing and. swallowing.

3. Weakness and dizziness.

4. Nausea and stomach cramps.

5. Unconsciousness.

To treat an allergic reaction

1. Lie the casualty still and ensure that the stung limb is lower than the level of the heart.

2. Seek emergency medical help immediately