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Teen Depression

Has there been anything so challenging than teen depression? Teenagers are faced with a considerable amount of problems that make them vulnerable to depressions among other medical disorders. Each and every day is faced differently by different teens around the globe. Some are showered with a series of stressful events that leaves them with no choice other than becoming drug addicts among other undesirable activities.

Depression at teen age is the worst thing that can ever happen to a teenager. Most young people do not know how to go about some of the big challenges in their lives. They end up stressing themselves and as a result they become depressed. Depression makes them helpless, hopeless, defenseless, and so on. Teen depression consumes a young person’s dreams, hopes, and gifts and so on. A teen who is depressed is deprived of his or her right to enjoy life like the way other teens do.

The basic question is: “Why do teens get depression”? The very basic reason as to why teens get depressed is their own self. When a teenager feels like he or she is not good enough to best a rival or a friend, he or she gets demoralized about whatever that he or she is competing in. taking a chick for an example, she will feel left out as time goes by. Now, instead of working towards besting her friends in class she will be working towards consoling herself. In the process she ends up doing unimaginable things, like drinking, hanging around with bad boys and girls, actually individuals who will offer her support, but the support is not right.

Apart from personality of teen, a teen can potentially get depressed due to stress. Ideally, stress is the major cause of most teens' depression. At times parents may keep their adolescent girls and boys under lots of pressure. Such things as: no hanging out with so and so, no going to the movies without the family, no coming home past a given time duration, no hooking up with the neighbor’s son or daughter and so on.

All these statements make teens undergo occasional stress. In the process they feel lonely, left out; some of them may even feel hopeless. Other teens may go to the extent of imagining the hardship they will face under the conditions they are living in. therefore, they are left with nothing more than solitary, and that is when they fall into depression.

The major symptoms of teen depression include the following: low or poor concentration in class, poor decision making skills, occasional memory loss, occasional thoughts of committing suicide, constant body aches, apathy, rebellious behaviors, sleepless nights, the urge of disliking friends, constant anti-social behaviors, moments of complete sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness, and seclusion, thoughts of drinking, doing crazy stuff, utilization of drugs, a sudden drop in school performance, loss of appetite accompanied by a gradual weight loss, and so on.

All these symptoms are normally experienced when the young boy or girl is under attack by severe depression and he or she cannot control herself anymore. Quick solutions have to be calculated for such teens. Parents can help their young boys and girls evade teen depression by doing the following: psychotherapy, counseling, stop tormenting their kids, and so on.