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Depression is a state of mind where a patient is faced with unusual behaviors such as sadness and hopelessness. Doctors have carried out extensive research on the conditions that accompany depression. So far, doctors have tabulated a good number of conditions that can be considered as potential causes of depression. These causes are categorized as per their origins; most of them are easily attained as compared to then others.

The basic classifications of depression causes fall under the following categories: genetics, biochemical, illness, aging brain, gender, stress, and personality. All these causes are characteristically unique from each other. Most people do usually take keen interest on most of the above categories of depression causes. To be able to fully understand and appreciate these causes, one will have to go through the following.

Firstly, there is the illness category. Most illnesses can be potential causes of depression. This is so since most illnesses will render the patient defenseless, weak, loss of appetite, inability to work, lack of enough sleep, weight loss and so on. All these conditions can significantly make a person undergo depression, both manic and hypomanic.

For instance, diseases such as mesothelioma cancer among other illnesses are potential leads to severe depression. The fact that cancer is incurable is more than enough reason for a person to fall under complete severe depression. Moreover, diseases such as HIV/AIDS present the worst case scenario us that just makes people depressed when least expected.

Secondly, there is the aging factor. Age is another potential cause of depression. As people grow older, they tend to lose some of the most important neurotransmitters. In the process, they end up feeling hopeless and helpless making them experience depression when least expected.

Scientifically, the brain of an elderly person is known to age with time in such a way that there reaches a time when such people cannot be dependent on themselves. Such events make them sad and secluded within their own thoughts, friends, and family members.

Gender is another potential factor as far as depression is concerned. According to statistics, women have a high probability of developing non-melancholic depression, while men develop melancholic depression. Researchers have stated that women are more likely to give in and accept what makes them sad and depressed, hence they develop mild depression as compared to men who will stay put and fail to appreciate the things that makes them sad. In addition, men will tend to fight their worst fears and in the process they end up enclosing themselves within the doors of melancholic depression.

As much as most people would like to deny the fact that their own issues are the ones that cause trouble in their lives. They should accept the facts, stress accrue due to family problems, job problems, and so on. If stress accruing from such problems is not resolved it may significantly lead to depression.

Lastly, there is the personality factor. There are some people who have an anxious worrying personality; such personality usually leads to depression at times. Then there is the irritable personality, which is also a significant lead to depressions. In addition to these factors, mood disorders like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder can lead to depression.