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Preventing Cystitis: What You Need to Know

It isn’t possible to prevent cystitis entirely, but there are several steps that you can take to help avoid contracting the condition. This guide will provide you with hints and tips on how to limit your likelihood of getting cystitis and give you advice on how to treat the condition.

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

  • Use plain, un-perfumed soaps on your genitals rather than bubble bath, soap or talcum powder.
  • Have a shower rather than a bath as this doesn’t expose your genitals to the cleaning products for as long.
  • Don’t rush your toilet trips and always empty your bladder fully.
  • Don’t delay bathroom trips; if you need to go then go immediately!
  • Try to avoid wearing tight jeans and trousers.
  • Wipe your genitals from front to back as opposed to back to front.
  • If you’re prone to cystitis then certain food groups can make it worse. Try avoiding coffee, fruit juice or spicy foods to see if they naturally trigger your cystitis.
  • People who have catheters need special advice about how to change them without damaging the area. Ask the healthcare professional who is treating you to show you how to do this.

The Cranberry Craze

Recent studies have shown that cranberries may prevent recurrent cystitis attacks. Although they’re not available on the NHS, high strength cranberry tablets are available widely on the high street.

This is far more effective than drinking cranberry juice as the 200mg capsules are highly concentrated, and will save you drinking too much! However, cranberry capsules are not recommended if you’re currently taking warfarin.

Sex and Cystitis

Cystitis can also be triggered by having sex. If this is applicable to you, there are a number of precautions you can take, such as:

  • Washing both your hands and genitals before and after sexual intercourse.
  • Using a lubricant to avoid friction.
  • After having sex, empty your bladder to minimise the risk of infection.

Treating Cystitis the Natural Way

These hints and tips should hopefully minimise the risk of you contracting cystitis. If you are prone to catching it, however, you should seek medical help from your doctor immediately.

If you don’t want to visit your doctor, however, there are also natural remedies for cystitis that are quick and simple to take.

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