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Can Alternative Treatments be used to Prevent Cancer?

1 in 3 of us is statistically predicted to get cancer in our lives. This includes growing cases of cancer which is still incurable in most cases – depending on the type. What actually is cancer, then? And should we try to source treatments from natural, alternative sources as well as from traditional places to remove pressure from the NHS?

What is Cancer?

In basic terms, cancer is the name given to the formation of tumorous cells in various parts of the body. These cells emerge for a vast number of reasons, and it seems as though new causes are discovered daily at times. So could we enhance our chances of avoiding cancer by using alternative sources of treatment?

Try Alternative, Natural Supplements

Many claim that some natural supplements may provide a way forward. The benefit of alternative natural supplements is that they are produced using food-based products. What this means is that they are able to quickly and readily absorb the nutrients in the supplement; at a faster rate than when in pill form, for example, simply because the body is more acclimatised to it.

Wheatgrass is one of those suggested as having potential benefits for preventing cancerous cells from emerging.

Taking wheatgrass powder supplements. For example, it can detox your blood and liver and increase your red blood cell count. Specifically to cancer, some of the benefits claimed are:

  • It contains chlorophyll which increases haemoglobin production which means more cancer-killing oxygen circulates through the body;
  • It contains selenium and laetrile; both are anti-cancer;
  • It is one of the most alkaline foods known;
  • It contains over 30 enzymes.

With this range of benefits and more, it’s difficult to deny the attraction of this so-called super food.

Why isn’t Everybody Having it?

Arguably, one of the largest reasons people have not all clambered for this treatment is the stigma attached to supplements; particularly vitamin supplements.

According to the Guardian newspaper, since 2008 the number of regular users of vitamin supplements has decreased by 3 million people – from 41% to 35 in just a few years.

However, if wheatgrass is marketed correctly, it could be extremely widespread, and could easily be used as a treatment in the future for taking the burden off the NHS and helping to prevent cancer.

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