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Preventing Cystitis: What You Need to Know

It isn’t possible to prevent cystitis entirely, but there are several steps that you can take to help avoid contracting the condition. This guide will provide you with hints and tips on how to limit your likelihood of getting cystitis and give you advice on how to treat the condition. Small Changes Can Make a […]

The Shocking State of Oral Hygiene in Britain Today

One of the quirks that Americans have about British people is that they think we have bad personal hygiene. A lot of British people laugh and think that it’s just a joke, and that there’s actually no factual basis to this information, but a recent 2013 survey by the British Dental Health Foundation – amongst […]

Can Alternative Treatments be used to Prevent Cancer?

1 in 3 of us is statistically predicted to get cancer in our lives. This includes growing cases of cancer which is still incurable in most cases – depending on the type. What actually is cancer, then? And should we try to source treatments from natural, alternative sources as well as from traditional places to […]

5 Most Common Foot Ailments in America

According to a 2012 survey from the Institute for Preventative Foot Health, 78% of adults aged 21 and over have experienced problems with their feet. Those deemed ‘very overweight’ according to their body mass index (BMI) were 51% more likely to rate their foot health as being fair to poor, showing that there is a […]

Genes, Chromosomes and DNA: A Quick Guide

It might be hard to believe, but every human being stores a vast quantity of information, just like a computer hard drive or USB memory stick. In fact, it’s been calculated that within us we have enough information to fill up 1.5 GB of storage space – that’s about the storage capacity of 2 CDs […]