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Arachnoid Cysts and what you need to know

When you are in pain or experiencing out of the ordinary changes in your body or behavior, chances are it is your body giving you hints that there may be something going on. For instance, when a woman is early in her pregnancy she may experience fatigue, nausea, loss or increase of appetite, etc. Or […]


An autoclave is self-contained device which utilizes steam to sterilize equipment or objects. Autoclaves are commonly used in the medical and scientific laboratories to sterilize surgical instruments or other reusable tools or objects. Autoclaves are also used in other professions and places such as tattoo and piercing parlors, restaurants, bars, and even in some home […]

Isolation and the Elderly : How you can help your parent’s transition!

Isolation is destructive to one’s health, especially in the elderly. The elderly are susceptible to numerous health risks due to age, medical history and environment. Those who are lonely or socially isolated tend to be at a greater risk of mental complications, poor health and even early death than those who are able to have […]